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STYLE: A light summer sandal style, in classic oiled natural leather. 

FIT: These sandals start with a leather sole (with rubber grip on the heel) - incredibly durable, light and flexible. Built on top of that is a thick leather mattress - the upper is made from soft but strong leather with a separate toe grab, an X across the middle of the foot, that weaves into a wide strap across the high point of the foot, and flows around the back of the ankle and into a side brass coloured buckle. Stamped logo into the footbed, complete with sizing and Made in Australia. 

The different leather colours vary in hardness and strength. The natural oiled leather is the hardest and strongest leather that we use in this style, it will take a little breaking in, you may get some small blisters, but once done, this leather will mould and shape to your foot and will be an incredibly comfortable enduring sandal.

FABRICATION: Leather sole, leather mattress, leather upper, brass coloured buckle. 

 LEATHER NOTE: This Natural oiled leather is unfinished, meaning that it will sun-cure or tan with exposure to sunlight - it starts light and tans into a gorgeous classic light tan leather colour. 

Designed and Made in Australia. 

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