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STYLE: An enduring style sandal with 3 wide straps across the front of the foot, and a shaped ankle strap with brass buckle to finish. 

FIT: These sandals start with an EVA foam sole - incredibly durable, light and flexible. Built on top of that is a thick leather mattress, with top stitching around the edge of the sole - the upper is made from soft but strong leather with three wide straps across the front of the foot, and a shaped and moulded strap around the ankle and supporting the back heel - finished with custom brass buckle. 

The leathers vary in hardness and strength in different colours. This camel leather is a supple and soft leather - yet strong, you wont need to break these sandals in, they'll be comfy right from the start, literally clouds for your feet in an enduring style in a rich and beautiful colour.

FABRICATION: EVA foam sole, leather mattress, leather upper, brass buckle. 

*Note on the leather mattress  - its a natural and oiled leather, not dyed in any capacity so it will sun-cure, tan slightly when exposed to uv rays and sunlight. 

Designed and Made in Australia. 

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